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Kinetic analyzes a guitar score and performs computations so as to annotate it. The application supports:

  • outputting either a tablature or an annotated MusicXML file;
  • searching and selecting the “best” positions on the fretboard where to play the notes;
  • barrés (full and partial);
  • defining a right margin (for wrapping lines) for tablatures;
  • proportionally spacing the notes in a measure with respect to their respective durations;
  • defining the unit width of the proportional spacing;
  • automatically switching between fixed spacing and proportional spacing;
  • all types of barlines (normal bars, double bars and repeat bars);
  • extra-metric groupings (duplets, triplets, quaruplets, etc.) that are simple, meaning that do not contain silences;
  • single-dot and double-dot notes;
  • repeats (Coda, Da capo, Dal segno, etc.);
  • dynamics (piano, pianissimo, forte…);
  • assigning a predefined letter to each note duration (from longas to hundred twenty-eighth notes);
  • standard accidentals (sharps, flats, double sharps, double flats and naturals);
  • numbering all or part of the measures;
  • automatically including lines (measure numbers, note durations, repeats, etc.) in the tablature.

The following features are available in licensed and commercial versions of Kinetic:

  • support of compressed MusicXML (ZIP format);
  • full right hand fingering for fingerpicking/classical styles of playing;
  • full left hand fingering;
  • output to a MusicXML file;
  • alternate tunings;
  • full and partial capos, including open-in-the-middle, uncommon and custom configurations;
  • 4-string to 7-string instruments;
  • support of scores with multiple parts, with
    • optional selection of parts to process;
    • output to either separate MusicXML files or to a single MusicXML file;
  • optional compression of output files into a ZIP format archive file.

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