Consulting services in software engineering

Gestion de projets informatiques, de l'encadrement d'équipes au suivi en passant par les spécifications, le reporting et la validation.


Expertise technique, conception et implémentation d'applications, tierce maintenance applicative, optimisation d'accès BD.


Vous avez un besoin logiciel spécifique ? Parlons-en. Nous aboutirons à une solution réaliste et sur mesure, taillée au plus juste.


I am a freelance software architect based in Belfort, eastern France, close to the borders with Switzerland and Germany.

I am available for remote work, mainly in the following roles:

  • software architect (Web applications, REST APIs)
  • senior software developer
  • team lead
  • technical lead
  • product manager

Of note, as the maintainer of both projects, I am also available for consulting and custom development on the MercurialEclipse and JavaHg open source projects. However, the work you sponsor will be pushed upstream so that it can benefit the community.

My past contracting experience has steered me heavily towards Java but I see myself as rather language-agnostic. My software programs are written in a variety of programming languages such as PHP, C++, JavaScript or C# using either state-of-the-art tools (Maven, Ant, bower, etc.) or custom Shell and Command scripts.

See sample applications and programs from the homepage.

Download a CV (in English) for the roles listed above.

Previous projects

  • thumbnail Verbus

    Verbus is a technical platform/framework for building linguistic applications centered around verbs, their grammar and primarily, their conjugations.

    Details about the project

  • thumbnail-Oblivion

    Oblivion is an internal project that led to a file history management add-on for Apache OpenOffice.

    Details about the project

  • thumbnail DDT

    DDT (Direct Download Tracker) is an internal project that led to the implementation of an add-on for Piwik (a Web Analytics platform).

    Details about the project