Yahoo Sort Order Fix

16 Nov 2015

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YSOF is a GreaseMonkey script that I wrote to fix the problem of disposable addresses no longer being sorted alphabetically. It works on Firefox browsers.

This script restores an alphabetical order in the two places where users of Yahoo Mail are presented with disposable addresses in the Neo user interface:

  • The From field of the e-mail being composed,
  • The disposable addresses management window in Settings.


Note 1: Depending on how your main address and your chosen disposable addresses prefix are in relation to one another, your main address may turn up at the end of the list (in the From field). I believe that this is a minor inconvenience compared to the nightmare that not having a strict alphabetical order is.

Note 2: This script has been developed on the latest publicly available Firefox (v42.0) and is meant for Firefox. However, other GreaseMonkey-compatible browsers or Firefox derivatives should allow the integration of the script.


  1. You need the GreaseMonkey add-on in your Firefox browser. Install it from its official download page on the add-ons website of Firefox.
  2. Restart Firefox.
  3. Download the script (from this website) and save the file (named ysof.user.js) to a location on your system.
  4. Open the Add-ons page inside Firefox (Tools > Add-ons in the menu bar).
  5. From the location where you saved the file, drag and drop it to the Add-ons page. GreaseMonkey will then open a dialog; follow the instructions (which normally sum up to clicking the Install button).
  6. Reload your Yahoo Mail page and enjoy (provided that you use the Neo interface) logically sorted disposable addresses again.


I've set up a bug report page where you can ask for assistance in case things do not go smoothly for you. Note that posting an issue requires you to create an account. You can create an account on this page. Your chosen user name and password (at registration time) are the credentials that you'll need to use to log in to the issue tracking system.

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