Version 4.0 of Kinetic

28 Jul 2015

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Version 4.0 of Kinetic was logged in today and this completes the rewriting of the left hand fingering algorithm which was made necessary by discovering several impediments when the support for barrés was introduced earlier this year. New features are explained below.

ZIP format

This version introduces support for the ZIP format. This makes processing compressed MusicXML files possible but the biggest improvement, in relation with the support of multipart scores, is the ability for Kinetic to compress all output files, hence delivering all results in a single stream/file/response. This makes a Web service call for processing a multipart score a reality.

Fingerings in the input file

Kinetic is now able to ignore all left hand and right hand fingerings that are indicated in the input files. This feature is restricted to the licensed version of Kinetic.

New left hand fingering algorithm

The left hand fingering algorithm has been refactored and major parts have been rewritten to accommodate the support for barrés. Due to the algorithm being in a test phase, this version of Kinetic will not be published.


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